Need a Title

So the story I’m working on needs a name, this is what I’m thinking would be a good summary to my story would be, to anyone who reads this it would be great to know how this sounds.

Looking at this shit whole of a world after the war that we lost, abandoned building every were as a young woman walks along the dark road as the moon graces the sky with its presence meeting the stars whom waited for the large ornament. As the young woman walked down the street she was being fallowed by two dark figures one hidden among the trees while the other fallowed behind on the street both so silent a dropped pin could be heard. Turning down a dirt road only to be fallowed by both figures, as one of the figures pulled out a knife and picked up its pace catching up the the young woman a long slender arm came out of the trees and grabbed the figure with the knife, blood curdling screams pierced the air. The young woman continued on her way as a tall faceless figure briefly showed in to moon light. Once at the end of the street the young woman stopped in front of an old abandoned house with broken and boarded up windows, she noticed the lawn was muddy before she could walk up to the house she heard a squelching sound as well as a curse. Turning to leave making it a couple houses away before the door slams open to reveal a young man at the entrance. Running to the retreating form of the young woman; a snapping sound caught all three of there attention as a growl erupted from the trees.